Social Justice Symposium

This year the Social Justice Symposium will be held on February 7th!  The theme of the Symposium this year is: Tools for Change: Awareness, Advocacy, and Activism!  See you there.  Don’t miss out, register now:

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Four Front Council

Four Front is the Council for underrepresented students and student groups.  Four Front works to address the concerns and needs of underrepresented students at Mizzou and to unite students of different groups and identities.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact the Advisor, Stephanie Hernandez Rivera:

Interested in DPE Programming?

Diversity Peer Educators (DPE) are a group of MU students devoted to promoting greater cultural understanding and awareness on campus and in the local community through interactive facilitations and presentations.  Through this DPE hopes to create a conscious MU community.  Want to bring DPE to your organization or class, please fill out the DPE Program Request form.

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