Programs and Events

Multicultural Mixer

The Multicultural Mixer is an annual fall celebration that gives students, faculty and staff an opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about the Multicultural Center.

Delight yourself in this fun and laid-back social gathering and enjoy local international cuisine.


Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland event is a January program that invites students to demonstrate their architectural skills by exploring engineering in a sweet way — building with edible treats. It encourages students to flex their creativity while providing a space for them to decrease the stress of starting a new semester.

This therapeutic activity gives students the freedom to express their artistic abilities in a fun, lighthearted environment.



Culture Couture

Culture Couture is an annual spring event that celebrates and uplifts the diverse campus community at Mizzou. Through fashion, international food and music, and a facilitated conversation, this incredible evening of cultural exchange invites faculty, staff, students and community members to embrace the familiarity of our similarities and the uniqueness of our differences.

It’s an evening that gives voice to cultural expression and highlights our global interconnectedness.

“Loved the diversity and representation from various cultures as well as the audience participation.”


Unplugged: Mental Health and Wellness with Nurturing My Wellness

Unplugged: Mental Health and Wellness is a program designed to equip students with the self-care tools needed to navigate the various challenges of college life. In a setting that is safe and supportive, students engage in counselor-led discussions and activities that help to decrease and manage stress.

This workshop provides students with mental health and well-being resources.