Values and Goals


  • Awareness- We create awareness through the implementation of programs, workshops, resources, and training.
  • Education- We contribute to the academic experience through creating thought-provoking and transformative learning experiences.
  • Exploration- We encourage all individuals to explore the cultural connections to their identity groups as well as the identity groups of others.
  • Community- We actively build an inclusive, safe, and positive environment for all members of the Mizzou community.
  • Advocacy- We inspire members of the community to advocate for their own needs, as well as the needs of others.


  • Serve as an inclusive environment for students of all identity groups.
  • Advocate for the concerns of students of marginalized/underrepresented identity groups.
  • Assist in building a culturally inclusive Mizzou community.
  • Connect students to campus and community resources in respect to identity.
  • Contribute to academic experience by encouraging students to challenge misconceptions, stereotypes, privilege, and preconceived notions
  • Support students to explore social justice issues in and outside of their own identity groups and to work towards advocacy and activism.