Meet the Staff

Stephanie Hernandez Rivera


“Working in the Multicultural Center is personally and professionally fulfilling for me. Facilitating the experiences of identity for students is an incredible thing to be a part of. My desire is to continue to advocate for the needs of marginalized identities and groups.”

Jonathon Sun

Graduate Assistant

“I enjoy working at the MCC because of the friendly environment and being around a great group of students.”

Marissa Tabor

Student Co-Coordinator

“My favorite event was Tunnel of Oppression because it was so real and you got to feel how others live.”

Francisco Cueva

Student Co-Coordinator

“I enjoy seeing new people come in and the successful events put on by fellow staff.”

Mayra Santander

Office Manager

“I enjoy working at the MCC because I get to help students have a voice by creating events that they want to explore and bringing awareness of different issues.”

Sequoyah Moore

Creative Director

Tiana Glass


“My favorite event at the MCC so far has been “A Night with Melanie Cervantes (a cultural worker and co-founder of Dignidad Rebelde).”

Huong Truong

Photographer and Program Assistant

“I chose to work at the MCC because I get to create a space and maintain a space for marginalized students to seek and find comfort.”

Destanee Bonds

Social Media Specialist

“I love the MCC and the conversations I have here. I wanted to help bring information and an experience to those that wouldn’t otherwise have it without the MCC.”

Taylor Forté

Program Assistant

“One of my favorite events was If These Walls Could Talk. This event brought awareness to things that people hold in.”

Alex Carranza

Program Assistant

“I enjoy working at the MCC because I get to meet and interact with so many different people!”

Dynasty Avila

Program Assistant

“Culture Couture has been my favorite event because it was interesting to see different culture, food, and fashion.”

Julian Jones

Program Assistant

“My favorite event was the Festival of Lights. Learning about cultures and history is always interesting to me.”

Melissa Banuelos

Program Assistant

“I love spending time here and It’s so diverse and I love the people who come to the MCC.”

Maia Jones

Program Assistant

“My favorite event was Culture Couture because I’m really into fashion and this event educated me about cultural appropriation”