Four Front Council

4 Front

Four Front is the Council for minoritized student groups and student voices. Four Front  is Co-chaired by Ipsa Chaudhary and Alanna Diggs.


Four Front is the first organization of its kind at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Its primary mission is to successfully voice the concerns of and represent all underrepresented students in a greater effort toward unification and diversification, thus contributing positively to the greater social and political atmosphere of the campus and greater community.  Four Front aspires to achieve national prominence for its contributions and efforts consistent with its motto, “pride in the past, action in the present, vision for the future.”


Meeting time and location fall 2017: Every other Thursday (beginning 8/31) at 6:00pm; location: Student Center, Kansas City Room, except for 10/26 meeting in 2206A.

Facebook: Four Front Council

Twitter: @MizzouFourFront


Specific Constituent Groups:

Various other organizations sit on Four Front Council.