The Diversity Peer Educators, also known as DPE, are trained student facilitators dedicated to promoting greater cultural awareness, competency, and understanding on the Mizzou campus.  DPE offers education in creative and innovative ways using experiential, interactive, and immersive activities that assist in facilitating sometimes difficult dialogues.  DPE believes that these conversations and interactions can lead to inclusive communities where others can learn, to not only respect others’ differences, but celebrate them as part of our greater culture.


  • Cultivating a brave space for difficult dialogues.
  • Challenge participants to think critically about privilege and oppression.
  • To plant seeds of thought that will continue the conversation throughout the Mizzou community.
  • Promote cultural awareness, understanding, and competency that can lead to respect for all individuals.

Any student, staff or faculty can request a DPE facilitation. We work with Freshman Interest Groups, student staffs, student organizations, in classrooms, Mizzou Alternative Break trips, and various other organizations. DPEs lead the group through one of our many different programs, and then facilitate a debriefing and discussion. You can request a facilitation for your organization by clicking here.

Email us at MUOSLDiversityPeers@missouri.edu.